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The Cypress Team is led by experienced speech therapists who aim at providing high quality speech therapy services. Our therapists served at government hospitals, private hospitals, elderly care centres, child care centres, secondary and primary schools etc. We provide speech therapy services including assessments, treatments, screenings, staff trainings, seminars and consultations. 

Our therapists note that a highly dynamic team is the key to effective therapy. Therefore Cypress not only provides high quality speech therapy services but also encourages different stakeholders to understand their role, responsibility, and importance for the rehabilitation of a patient and so work together with therapists to maximize the treatment effectiveness for patients.

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If your child shows one or more of the below symptoms, please contact speech therapists:

  • produces no single words at the age of 2, e.g. papa, mama

  • often drools at the age of 3

  • produces no complete sentences at the age of 4

  • unfamiliar people often could not understand the child's speech at the age of 5 

  • tongue is often protruded when the child speaks

  • speech is unclear when comparing to age-equivalent peers

  • less capable in understanding commands and questions comparing to age-equivalent peers

  • produces shorter sentences comparing to age-equivalent peers

  • people often asks about the hoarse voice quality of the child

  • shows prolong hoarseness of voice

  • shows secondary facial expressions when the child's speech is not fluent

If you or someone around you shows one or more of the below symptoms, please contact speech therapists:

  • unclear speech

  • become unable to communicate and understand questions

  • need longer time to find the right word for expression

  • make errors in sentence formation

  • keep on repeating phrases or sentences

  • choke, cough or show difficulty with breathing before, during or after swallowing

  • food debrics remain inside oral cavity after swallowing

  • have feeling of food being stuck in the larynx

  • need multiple swallows to finish one mouth of food

  • show hoarseness of voice

  • have history of stroke, cancer or dementia and start to show unclear speech or change of eating habits

If you or your colleague encounter above situations or have below questions, please contact speech therapists: 

  • how fine should the food be for minced diet, chopped diet and puree diet?

  • we changed the brand of thickener, do we keep the same ratio of thickener and water? 

  • can thickener be added to other liquid food?

  • do we use hot water or cold water to prepare thickened liquid?

  • what can we do if elderly people are unwilling to open their mouth during feeding time?

  • what can we do if elderly people often hold their food inside the oral cavity for a long time?

  • can we let elderly people drink water if they cough after swallowing?

Above information is used as reference only. Different patients should be handled individually. Please contact your speech therapist if you have any questions.

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